Why The Claimant In An Auto Accident Case Might Agree To A Structured Settlement?

Counter to what you might expect, not everyone that files a claim in an auto accident case decides to present their case in a courtroom. Some claimants prefer to resolve their dispute by means of a pre-trial settlement. When a claimant with the help of Personal Injury Lawyer in Owen Sound has elected to agree to a pre-trial settlement, he or she may opt for a structured settlement. Read More

What Is No-Fault Insurance Coverage?

This is the type of coverage guaranteed to drivers in states with no-fault liability laws. It indemnifies an insured driver for losses. That same driver gets paid by his or her own insurance company. This type of coverage has a second name: personal injury protection. You might not be able to get it if you represent your case on your own but having an experienced injury lawyer in Windsor to file and handle your case can be an asset. Read More