The Complex Issues That Prevent Identification of Average Settlement

Some clients think that a hired lawyer should be give the figure that corresponds to the value of the average settlement. Yet even experienced lawyer cannot link a specific number with the size of the average settlement. That is due to the complex nature of the issues that influence the result obtained by averaging the results for a set number of personal injury cases, as per personal injury lawyer in Owen Sound.

There are many different types of injuries.

Some have a striking similarity to the injuries sustained by victims of other injury-creating incidents. Some force an injury attorney in Owen Sound to deal with a given injury’s unique aspects.

An injury’s details and an insurance company’s expectations become revealed in the exchange of demands and offers.

Certain pieces of information get posted online. Some posted facts aid consideration of the middle range for all the cases in the considered sample.

—Knowledge of that range does not help with identification of the middle figure for the considered range.
—Furthermore, identification of that middle figure does not hint at size of a ballpark figure, which is an average.

Factors that affect settlement value

• Defendant’s assets
• Existence of assets that might be sought by the court, by means of garnishment
• Policy limits on the relevant policy

Nature of damages

• —The court might hit the defendant with need to pay punitive damages.
• —Size of damages could be determined by existence of pre-determined settlement amounts.

Each member of the jury is allowed to make his or her own assessment of what would make the plaintiff whole.

Jury would study the way that any piece of evidence has made the plaintiff’s argument more convincing

The jury might choose to ignore any evidence that its members do not understand.

—A judge would never tell any jurors that each of them must weigh the significance of every piece of evidentiary material.
—Good witnesses present easy-to-understand information.
—No testimony can convince jurors about its believability, if some members of hat12-person body have failed to grasp its meaning.

The composition of a jury varies from one tried case to the next one.

No one can predict what a given jury will decide. No one can predict the contents of testimony from a given witness. As a result, no one could feel confident about predicting the outcome for a given case. When most potential clients ask for a figure that reflects the average settlement, those same clients seek information on the average outcome for a set number of similar cases.

The smaller the number of cases, the lower the number of influential issues. By the same token, the smaller the number of examined cases, the fewer the number of cases that get considered, during calculation of an average settlement.