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Personal Injury Lawyer For Slip & Fall Accidents

Accidents caused by slip/trip and falls are just as common as car accidents however many of these incidents go unreported because the victims are often unaware of their rights and have no idea whether they have any legal recourse. Slip and fall accidents can result in injuries that are just as severe as the most horrific car crash, with fractures, brain injuries, and even death being not uncommon.

In the event of a slip and fall accident In Windsor, Kanata or Owen Sound that resulted in injuries, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible in order to ensure that your rights are protected. There may be strict time limitations applicable to your case which if ignored, can prevent you from filing a claim altogether.

The claim process for slip and a fall accidents is very complex and can be extremely difficult to navigate without the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side. The issue of liability is one that cannot be overlooked as there may be more than one party that contributed to the accident. For example, a property owner may have hired a maintenance company that in turn hired a contractor to perform maintenance during the course of which no warning signs were put up and someone fell into a partially covered opening in the floor.

If you or someone you know became the victim of a slip and fall accident, contact EBIL Personal Injury Lawyer as soon as possible for a free consultation and we will ensure that you know what your rights and entitlements are, what we can do for you as a firm as well as provide you with valuable information and advice. Call us today and protect your rights.

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